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Summit Hard Cider/Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar


We’ve got Apple Butter! Made from all local apples, pressed by us at Summit Hard Cider! Available in the taproom for $10 + tax!


BIG NEWS! Thanks to our awesome employee Kern Tamkun, we now have custom, one-of-a-kind Scrumpy’s earrings! Please swing by or call us to ask for a pair, and even if we are out of stock you can order some by request!

Please check out his personal pages on Instagram & Etsy to see all his designs, and let us know if you have any questions regarding this sweet new merch! Grab a cider and some earrings if you’re around today!

Check out his personal page too!


It’s official! FoCo DoCo is open here at 215 N College Ave


BIG NEWS!!! The one and only FoCo DoCo is moving locations….to Scrumpy’s! They will be operating on the North side of our bar! Stay tuned to learn about their grand re-opening!

Woop woop! FoCo DoCo has moved from The Exchange to Scrumpy’s!


Still patio weather folks!

Come enjoy a pint, a Charcuterie Board and some Spinach Dip with us today!


DoorDash Photo Shoot!



Our taps are filled up! We currently have 20 flavours on tap, making your choices on a flight even more difficult than before! Call us with any questions, or check out our online menu by clicking here!

Campfire is back!


Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider is back! Aged in Woodford Bourbon Whiskey Barrels, we have finally tapped up our newest batch! Don’t miss your chance to grab a pour of this delicious cider, as well as an ounce of the Bourbon Whiskey we aged this in! We will be serving a 10oz pour of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider with a shot of Woodford for $12.00

This is MY favourite cider, so swing by soon before I drink it all!


Our Tribute Farmhouse Cider is tapped up and ready to go! A limited release cider that is unique, challenging, complex, and funky!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are thrilled to enter 2021 with our Level Up Certification! Please, join us for indoor dining and drinking (following strict guidelines and limited capacity) this weekend! Our hours have been constantly changing, so we appreciate your understanding and patience!

Thursday 1/7: 3pm-8pm
Friday 1/8: 12pm-8pm
Saturday 1/9: 12pm-8pm
Sunday 1/10: 12pm-4pm


Happy December! We have almost made it to the new year! Thank you to everyone in this amazing community for supporting us, as well as other local businesses. We wish you all nothing but good health and a better 2021!
We wanted to let you know that although our kitchen is not open here at Scrumpy’s, we do have an official food servicing agreement with Chick’n’Cone across the street! You can enjoy our patio and order a chicken cone or chicken sandwich directly to your table!

QR codes for the menu are available in store! We hope to see you this week!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope everyone has been able to stay safe, healthy, and virtually connected this holiday. With new government mandates, we are required to close our indoor seating, and only serve cider and beer to enjoy on our patio, or for take away.

Please click here if you would like to place an order for pickup or delivery!

Please, feel free to call the taproom with any questions! (970) 682-1944


Warm Spiced Cider Season! Our Non-Alcohol cider is available at our taproom for $18!
Can be served hot or cold and is completely non-alcoholic, so the entire family can enjoy a glass!

If you want to serve yours at the “adult table” this year, we found that this beverage pairs wonderfully with Copppermuse’s Spiced Rum! Conveniently located across the street from us in the FoCo Exchange! Grab a box and a bottle in one trip!


Most of you know you can find Summit Hard Cider at your local liquor store, or at your favorite restaurant on tap…but did you know about our exclusive selection of bottled ciders?
We’ve got 22oz glass bombers of cider that are only available in house, at Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar! Call and ask your bartender about what we have available today, or swing by our taproom to check them out yourselves!

We ARE open for dine-in service, sampler trays (flights), and to-go pickup for both food and cider! Call us with any questions!
Do not miss your chance to pick up a bottle of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider, our Wild Orchard Cider (all 2019 local apples), our Branch Out 17 Mile Cider (2017 apples collected within a 17 mile radius of Fort Collins), and our VERY limited time Palisade Perry Cider (aged for 2 years)!


Just a little reminder that here at Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar, you are able to purchase entire 1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 barrels of our Summit Cider for personal use! Whether you have a small kegerator for your home, or if you have an event of any kind (wedding, birthday, or just a party!), we can sell you your favorite flavors for your special event! Call the store with any questions about the keg deposit, our keg prices, or how you can pick up your very own! Cheers!
(970) 682-1944


Visit their homepage at Animal Friends Alliance, or click the link attached to the paragraph for more information!

Are you looking for a way to support your local animal shelter, while supporting local breweries?! Well we, as a Fort Collins Community, have made it happen!
“Prepare yourself for a safe, brewery hopping adventure brought to you by the generosity of local breweries, all to benefit Animal Friends Alliance! Bingo cards are available for $40, and you can redeem your stamps Thursday, September 17th through Tuesday, September 29th. Each bingo card contains several free redeemable pints, complimentary tasters, and BOGO deals from local Northern Colorado businesses!”
Here at Scrumpy’s, you can grab a stamp, a free inclusive pint glass (one per bingo sheet), and a BOGO pint of Cider! The event ends on Tuesday, September 29th, so please click the link to see what brewery locations you can pick yours up at! For those who visit 5 locations, you are awarded with an awesome T-Shirt! Grab a bingo sheet for you and yours today!


A friendly hello, from some happy customers! We love you guys!


Have you signed up for the 2020 Summer Passport? This year has been so wild and hectic, and we are so grateful to our customers and community for hanging in there. Do not forget about those FoCo Passport deals you are able to redeem! Countless businesses and breweries are offering BOGO deals in this years summer Passport Program!

Click the link above, or click the photo below to purchase your BOGO deal book! This is my favourite and affordable way to enjoy cider, coffee and beer at a discounted price from 20+ local businesses, so grab yours today! Redeemable until October 31st!


Hello fellow Scrumpo’s!
We have officially opened up our Scrumpy’s AM coffee/bozey coffee bar! That’s right, we are your new morning coffee, latte (and/or), morning cider spot, opening up at 9am on all days of operation!
We are SO excited to be offering a full coffee menu, from Americanos to Chai Tea Lattes! We’ve got White Russians, morning Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Chai Teas, Mochas, as well as our full tap list, available as early as 9am! Non-Alcoholic or with Booze, it’s your choice. We will be here for you from morning till night! Come in and check out our morning selections, Wednesday-Sunday!


Pure Water Sparkling Water+CBD 16oz Cans – $5.50

Turtle Mountain Kombucha 12oz Cans – $5.00

Wander Coffee Espresso! With espresso beans provided by Wander, we are able to make lattes, americanos, iced coffees and dirty chai tea!

Just a reminder of some of the non-alcoholic beverages we have available in house! Pure Water, Wander Coffee, and Turtle Mountain are all local and small businesses and we are so happy to be able to sell their products from our taproom!


We now have Canine Candy Dog Biscuits for sale! Each bag comes with 30 heart shaped biscuits for $10. Check out there website by clicking the logo below!


Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar is now open for dine in!!

We are excited to welcome you guys back into the store to enjoy our taproom and patio! Sandwiches, ciders, beers, cocktails and coffee! Come check out our newly extended and covered patio seating, or feel free to still call ahead to place a to-go order for curbside pickup. We are following all state mandated health code requirements to ensure that we are all staying safe and healthy, so masks are required upon entry, and must be worn any time you are away from your table. Once you are seated, you are welcome to lower your mask to enjoy your food and beverage. Cheers!


We officially have 9 flavors of 4-packs! All available in our taproom!
Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar
215.N College Ave.

Della’s Apple Strudel
Blueberry Lavender
Strawberry Basil
Special Dry
Blackberry Cobbler
Palisade Peach
Chocolate Cherry


We finally have Blackberry Cobbler in cans!! Only available in the taproom, call us this weekend with any questions!


Now serving food!!

We have sandwiches and small plates, hot and ready for curbside pickup or delivery! Call the store to place your to-go order, and be sure to add a growler or a 4-pack of cider to enjoy this weekend!

==> Call (970)682-1944 or follow this link to order everything online!


Belgium glasses! Shot glasses! T-Shirts! Stickers! Pins!
Order over the phone and swing by to get some Summit Cider swag and gear!


Open on weekends for curbside pickup and delivery! Cider growlers and 4-packs! Keep checking Facebook to see when we will be doing cocktails and evening FOOD in the next few weeks! We miss and love you guys.

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Hey guys! We now have 8 flavors canned in 4-packs to go!

We just got our very own canning line, from our friends at Wild Goose Filling, and are so excited for the ability to can and produce more cider for guys to take home!


We now have Pineapple Cider in cans!!! Call the store or swing by with any questions! Currently only available at our taproom.