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Summit Hard Cider/Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar


We officially have 9 flavors of 4-packs! All available in our taproom!
Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar
215.N College Ave.

Della’s Apple Strudel
Blueberry Lavender
Strawberry Basil
Special Dry
Blackberry Cobbler
Palisade Peach
Chocolate Cherry


We finally have Blackberry Cobbler in cans!! Only available in the taproom, call us this weekend with any questions!


Now serving food!!

We have sandwiches and small plates, hot and ready for curbside pickup or delivery! Call the store to place your to-go order, and be sure to add a growler or a 4-pack of cider to enjoy this weekend!

==> Call (970)682-1944 or follow this link to order everything online!


Belgium glasses! Shot glasses! T-Shirts! Stickers! Pins!
Order over the phone and swing by to get some Summit Cider swag and gear!


Open on weekends for curbside pickup and delivery! Cider growlers and 4-packs! Keep checking Facebook to see when we will be doing cocktails and evening FOOD in the next few weeks! We miss and love you guys.

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Hey guys! We now have 8 flavors canned in 4-packs to go!

We just got our very own canning line, from our friends at Wild Goose Filling, and are so excited for the ability to can and produce more cider for guys to take home!


We now have Pineapple Cider in cans!!! Call the store or swing by with any questions! Currently only available at our taproom.